Random 86 Computers!


NEW!!! The R-86 Ultros Lap Star.

This is the ultimate in portable R-86 technology, combining a liquid cooling platinum, slim case, infused with dual 64-bit 5.0 ghz processors, top-of-the-line sound and graphics cards, and more RAM and HDD space than can even be possible.

-To customize this for super mega happy fun use type SUPER MEGA HAPPY CPU in your order form.

Order - Order#: 01001 - $66,686.323

The Random Master Ultimate Plus Plus.

The Random Master Plus Plus is an ingenius yet affordable home/office station made for your every desire. It can help your child with their homework, it can help you do taxes, and it know 1000s of passwords to internet pay sites. Yes, the Random Master is the perfect gift for anyone, anywhere, that is doing anything.

Order - Order#: A0009 - $5 + $8686 S+H (for safety)