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"Officially Inactive" - MasterMind 11/30/2000 @ 4:08 PM
i'm going to make this short, i no longer have the desire to work on maparchive therefore it will be left un-attended (if you haden't assumed that already). If any of you have aspirations to make maparchive a great place, feel free to contact me at (can't send e-mail back) or on icq# 25108308 and we can figure something out. But as of right now i don't feel like doign it on my own, or leading in the production thereof.

if you want to browse the maps already on maparchive (not many) go here. the "MAPS!" link dosen't go anywhere except to some site (i don't know how it got linked to that, i haven't touched anything in awhile)

if you don't like the selection of maps in that directory(and i'm sure you don't =) then goto Mapfinger or Custom Creations.

and finally goto Gamecop Networks for all your gaming needs.

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